Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Hit List

And yes...another list for the end of 2013. But hey - who doesn't love looking at shoes? 

These are my favorites that made the 2013 Hit List:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Wish to Santa

Dearest Santa:

It's Christmas Eve, and soon you'll be

Flying over my house, full of glee

All the boys and girls will be sleeping tight

With hopes of barbies and legos taking flight

You may wonder if big kids still believe

As we get older, it may be hard to conceive

But don't you fret, I still know you're there

With your reindeer, your sled and your white hair

This Christmas, I promise, I have been good

I've done chores, my homework and maintained a generally upbeat mood!

No naughty list for me, your elves can attest

I have been good all year, turn your sled to the west

This year all I want is one little pair

Of Fendi zebra print pumps, their made of calves hair!

They are black and white, with a geometric heel

And they're on sale at Neiman Marcus, oh what a deal

My feet have been craving them, they are oh so divine

And they have a 38.5 in stock, I think it's a sign

I could wear them with jeans, shorts or a skirt

I would never subject them to rain and to dirt

I will brush them and give them a swell little home

They will see lots of places, I do tend to roam

The black and white stripes will be perfect to pair

My skinny black jeans or some shorts that I wear

So if you have space in that old big red bag

Can you please add these shoes, they won't make it sag

I'll leave you some goodies by the fireplace tonight

A Stone IPA and some pretzels, I do it up right

Dear Santa, please please, it's just this one pair

For a shoe blogger like me, these shoes are quite rare

Merry Christmas to you, and to the readers out there

With swirling visions of shoes that are black and white calf hair

Merry Christmas, from the World of...Cha Cha Shoes 


Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Not Too Late

You've been running around, buying groceries, baking cookies and getting your house together for the family get-together.

But, there is always that one last gift you should have got, but never got around to buying. Never fear, online shopping is here!!

Below are some options for last minute gifts. Remember, you must choose overnight shipping to get your goods before Christmas!
Schutz Besma
Find them here

Boutique 9
Find them here

Jeffrey Campbell
Find them here

Jean-Michel Cazabat
Find them here

Find them here

Happy the World of Cha Cha Shoes

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. It's a SHOE MIRACLE!

Oh yes, the shoe miracle is here.

Just today I was questioned on the height of my shoe, and my ability to walk more than 5 blocks in my heels. But, good news has arrived. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

No more sore feet, I have just learned that a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has developed a foot spray, "heel no pain" to alleviate pain caused by uncomfortable shoes. It is a spray on pain relief formula that lasts for up to 3 hours once applied.

Arriving in stores prior to New Year's Eve, Heel No Pain (read more about it here) is said to be sold in stores like Foot Locker and Walgreens, and will retail for $15 (one ounce handbag size).

Could this be the silver bullet to alleviate all foot pain? I have tried them all...foot petals, arch stretching, bunion relief. Some offer temporary relief, but most slide into the toe of my shoe or end up disappointing in the end.

But, if this is that silver bullet...we may be seeing a trend of higher stilettos during spring fashion week.

Happy shoe shopping and walking!

Cha Cha Shoes

Sunday, December 15, 2013

If Shoes Could Talk....One Night at the Chateau

I know it sounds crazy, but shoes speak to me. As soon as we meet eyes and I touch their leather upper, my sixth sense kicks in and I instantly know them. Quickly, I ascertain what they like, where they want to be worn, what their favorite drink is, and they often tell me how bad they may hurt my feet (typically always worth it). On this particular day, I took three of my favorite shoes out to hear about their night at the Chateau Marmont, one of the most iconic hotels in the world.

As I meet up with the three shoes at the bar, they all have disparate personalities that provide endless entertainment. I greet DiDi first, she's a beautiful gold studded Fendi sandal. She's the oldest of the bunch, but probably the most mischievous. She orders a margarita, no salt, rocks, and slides into the booth.

Next comes Tino, a sleek black pointed toe Valentino mary jane. Always sophisticated, and makes an understated scene with her entrance. She murmurs hello, and orders a dirty vodka martini. Although DiDi and Tino know one another (there are both of Italian descent), Tino is older, and cautious around DiDi.

Finally, Ginger comes in, arriving fashionably late to the interview. Ginger is worn, but in all the right ways. She is a black leather sneaker, with silver studs aligning her sides. She doesn't order, but looks at the bartender in a knowingly way, and a Johnnie Walker Blue on the rocks soon arrives.

They tell me they have pending plans, so the interview begins.

ChaCha: What were your first impressions of the Chateau?
DiDi: What can you really say - I was not surprised that I was picked as a shoe to go to the Chateau. One of the most iconic hotels...and one of the most iconic fashion brands. I was a natural there. As soon as I stepped into the lobby where John Bonham of Led Zeppelin rode his motorcycle, I knew I was home.
Tino: Of course she has to name drop in the first five minutes of the interview.
DiDi: Tino, your just upset because you were packed tightly in the bottom of a suitcase while I was out having all the fun.
Tino: Honey, you may have started the day, but I ended the night.

ChaCha: Let me change the topic a bit. What meals were your favorite while you were there? 
Tino: I typically watch my carbs, but since it was a special occasion, I went with the Sunday night fried chicken and a glass of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Quite fabulous, I must say.
DiDi: Well, I had a long lunch filled with a Bloody Mary and Champagne.
Tino: She asked about food, DiDi.
DiDi: Oh, food. I can't remember.
Ginger: Are we done yet?
Tino: Just tell her what you ate and we can move on.
Ginger: Room service. Coffee, Croque Madame.

ChaCha: Alright, let's move on to something closer to your hearts. What were your favorite floors you walked on at the Chateau?
Tino: Probably the strip from the hotel to the bar. Quite a few talented artists have walked that path - it was great to get to walk in their steps.
DiDi: Oh, that's too bad that you had to walk down there. I was actually dangling off the balcony, viewing it all from above.

Tino: You think dangling from the hotel is better being on your own two feet?
DiDi: Jim Morrison seemed to agree with me.
Ginger: These ladies can argue about which floor was best, but in the end, she always chooses me.
Tino: Chooses you for what?
Ginger: Once their feet tire from your sky-high heels, they always turn to the sneaker for comfort and effortless fashion. She wore me the entire next day, and never took me off. I was at the pool, the lobby, the restaurant, the sunset strip. When she is in need, she chooses me.
DiDi: Wow, you are functional. What a life.
Ginger: (inaudible sound)

ChaCha: So, how did the end of your night turn out? Was it as epic as legend says?
Ginger: DiDi, you have arrived at the Chateau, but I left the Chateau, and baby it was good.
DiDi: Again, you must still have some crumple marks from your "corner of the suitcase" night.
Tino: Ladies, ladies...let's not fight about floor time. Plus, we all know it is about quality, not quantity. I was with her at the beginning of the night, and she never took me off until the early morning. Obviously, she loves me most.
DiDi: Well, spill it - what happened?
Tino: A lady never tells.

As heavy chatter breaks out between the three pairs of shoes, I realize that I have put myself in the worst of predicaments. Quickly, I leave the booth to get another round as the chatter turns into argument.

As I come back, I hear them rehashing the night, and giving a few more details about the night. A bit aghast at the some of the stories, I remember the legendary saying of Harry Cohn.

"If you must get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont."

I decide it is time for me to go, and I thank them for them time, wishing them many amazing steps in their future.

In the World of...Cha Cha Shoes

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Ahhhh, Christmas. How did Thanksgiving end so soon, and Christmas sneak upon us so quickly.

I happen to love Christmas. The trees, the decorations and really any excuse to don clothes with sequins, and not be judged.

But, the one thing I don't like is the Christmas music. I am no Grinch, but I have to say that it really takes me a couple of weeks to warm up to Christmas music. Oh, I love Mariah + Christmas tunes, but I can only listen to that so many times before I head to crazy town.

For me, Christmas music starts off like a little tap in hear it, and you are not quite ready for it, but you know it won't stop. (at least for 20 more days) 

So, you briefly tap your foot, and mumble the words under your breath. And then, slowly but surely, you start to move your torso to the beat. Frankly, there is no better way to describe it than watching the Napoleon Dynamite dance scene:

Just like Napoleon, once the music gets in your bones, you just can't stop.

I have finally accepted that Christmas is upon us, and I have firmly placed my dial on Christmas radio 24-7. In my opinion, one of the best Christmas songs is, "Baby it's cold outside." It is so apropos with the frigid weather rolling through the United States this week. And, with frigid weather comes the need guessed it, shoes.

There is something about cold weather that instinctively makes us want to bundle up in our warmest, and oftentimes ugliest warm weather gear. These PJ's are not ok, but if you must buy these, you can find them here:

Back to shoes. I have scored the shoe stores and internet to provide you with some of the best looking (yet affordable) warm weather shoes.

So, stay warm out there, and find yourself a pair of warm fuzzy shoes....because...Baby It's Cold Outside...


These Muk Luks are a steal at $30....

Yee Haw! Finally, I bring cowboy boots to the blog. 
For my fellow cowgirls out there...I am sorry for the delay.

Makes you want to curl up and drink a hot toddy.

One of my absolute favorite slippers are Patricia Green. I wish I could go to work in these.

Stay warm out there...and be the World of Cha Cha Shoes.

Men, Hide the Credit Cards and Freeze the Accounts: The Hit List - Black Friday Standouts

I know, I know. I bragged about how I don't shop on Black Friday. But, I do online shop, and last Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday was no exception. (You are welcome Mr. Fed Ex man)

Here are a couple of my favorites from the recent Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Cyber Online Week or as I like to call it....use whatever term you want to use to get people to continue the flow of shopping until Christmas.

Men, hide the credit cards and freeze the paypal accounts. (remember when women used to freeze their credit cards - sometimes I wished that still worked!) 
(Getty Images)

These shoes are the standouts from the past week of shoe sales....get 'em while they are hot, these shoes are going fast!

Hope you had a successful Black Friday! If not, don't worry...the sales will continue. Be sure to look for extra % off, and free shipping!

Happy Shopping...from the World of Cha Cha Shoes

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