Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ok, It's Time to Shop

I know, I know. I have preached for several months about not letting sales cloud your shoe shopping judgment. BUT, I must admit, the 20-30% off (everything) at ShopBop has me strategizing about my shoes, and shopping. 

For those of you who are new to ShopBop, there is an option to "love" an item that you see. You then keep that item on your "love" list and can check back on it at certain times. 

This has been a great tool for me, as I sometimes impulsively decide I need something in the heat of the moment, and then the next day while looking at a full closet, I realize I don't need a bright red pair of 6" booties. 

But, there are those things that you continue to think about, and know that they belong in your closet. For me, I had my eye on several staple items at ShopBop, and their recent sale begged me to commit. Yes you too, can get up to 30% off with code (BIGEVENT14) at ShopBop. The sale ends this Thursday, so if you too have some loves in mind, it's time to get on it.

My list included the following:

1. Nude Sandals - getting ready for summer

2. Bright Colors - again, that entrée into summer with a bit of moxie

Clockwise from right // Paul Andrew // Joie // Beau Coops // Aquazzura  // 

3. Black (fill in the blank type of shoes) - I just love any black shoe...

Clockwise from right // Pedro Garcia // Isa Tapia // Nicholas // Madison Harding // 

4. Flats - you never know when you need to run through an airport

Clockwise from right // Soludos // Tory Burch // The Blond Salad for Steve Madden //  Rachel Roy // Soludos // 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tee Time - Golf, and the Influence on Shoes

Recently, I found myself watching golf when nothing else was on tv. Sure, I was headed for a nap, but I thought about the simplicity of the objects associated with golf, primarily the ball and the club.

Now, anyone who knows golf knows that the details of golf are much more complicated that those two objects. But, it reminded me of the current spring/summer trend of women's black sandals - particularly the T Strap Sandals of the moment.

In its simplicity, the sandal is composed of the strap above the toe, and and an ankle strap. In my view, this has always been a lovely and classic style, delicately highlighting the woman's leg. But, like in golf, the simplicity is only surface deep. Each shoe has a different aspect that makes it unique and perfect for each person. Shoe height, price, leather and much more can define the perfect T Strap Sandal for you. Here are a few of my favorite this season:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

With spring on the horizon, my attention has shifted to spring, warm weather, light colors and sandals.

I love the juxtaposition of two colors that are adjacent on the color wheel. It's a bit unexpected, and a great pop of color whether it's your clothes or on your feet.

I ran across these beautiful Saint Laurent sandals last week. Saint Laurent, or YSL is one of my favorite shoe designers, and their latest set of work is as good as ever. 

If you are in the mood for a pop of color this spring, the "splurge" pair of Saint Laurent can be found at Barney's for $795. 

Or, if you are looking for an equally beautiful pair, you can score these Jeffrey Campbell shoes for $125 at

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shoes to Get You Over the Hump

Happy Wednesday! I recently ran across these shoes, and thought, "I must have these."

But, I then realized that there has recently been an influx of shoes, with very little out flux. And since my closet revamp is still in the works, I decided these would be beauties that I would admire online and hopefully soon in store.

Miu Miu (Prada's second label) has been one of my favorites since I ventured into the high end shoe world. The brand is headed by Miuccia Prada, and Miu Miu is appropriately, her nickname.

You can find these shoes at Net-a-Porter or Neiman Marcus - or stare at them online like me.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fringe and Boots

With just another month left of boot season, it's time to get maximum wear. And, with Valentino bringing in some of the hottest fringe bags of the season, what better combination than  fringe and boots.

// boots similar here // dress similar here // zara bag // AG denim shirt here //

 (Photos: Keir McKnight)

Shoe of the Month - Love it or Hate It?

I am, myself, a lover and hater of Prada shoes.

Sometimes, it's an admiration or confusion from afar, as my pocketbook can't typically handle the price of their shoes. And, I will admit to having spent multiple hours wandering the Prada outlet in Italy, fascinated by the beauty and uniqueness of their shoes. They continually push the line and take shoes to new levels.

When I came across these shoes, I was quickly intrigued. I wasn't sure if they were an ode to Jamaica, Froot Loops, or something I should find at the zoo. 

Interestingly enough, I found a couple of other blogs that fell on the "not" side. Shoe Talk Blog on Prada Sandals here. (LOVE THIS BLOG!)

But, they are statement shoe, and for a mere $1,450, you can own them yourself. 

So tell me what you think? Love or hate?

Friday, February 14, 2014

You are on a deserted island...

So yes, it happens to be Valentine's day...but if you were secluded on a desert island...what's your top three??

Valentine's day, or any other, these are my top three must haves:

1 - Crocker and Starr Stone Place Cuvee
Definitely, my desert island wine. Please don't limit me to one bottle though...

2 - Red High Heels - Valentino, why not?
I once won a sing star competition singing "Red High Heels" in these shoes. Good luck...I think so.

3 - Al Green - yes
I love my record player...nothing like listening to music on an old Crosley

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Running Around the World

I have to admit, running in airports in not my favorite thing to do. But, it happens. Sometimes, the fault is your own, and other times your fate is in the hands of the airlines.

Yesterday, I found myself in this predicament, running through customs, rechecking baggage, a second security check, and a 1/2 mile walk/run to my gate. It's not the first time I had been in this situation - and from early lessons trying to run in airports in heels, I had learned my lesson.

So on this last overseas trip, I knew to pack a pair of sensible, yet cute flats. Because at any given moment, you never know when you have to run to catch a train, a plane, a bus, or an automobile. Yesterday was no exception, when I spent 20 hours headed home with a delay from Frankfurt causing me to nearly miss my flight. As people stared as I ran through the airport, I wondered if they were looking at my poor running technique, or admiring my animal print shoes. Either way, I made it, and I live to blog about it.

(my seat mate was not impressed with my 1/2 mile run and heavy breathing)

Whether you are running through airports, chasing kids, walking city streets, or just living life...these flats will get you where you need to go while still being fashionable

Sunday, February 9, 2014

50% Off… How Sales Can Actually RUIN Your Closet

No matter the shop or the country, a big bright “sale” sign always gets my blood pumping. That thrill that the perfect pair of shoes is inside the store for 1/3 of the price - allowing you to brag to your friends about the $40 pair of Prada heels you scored.

(I think it said last call, but no need for translation to know what -10% means)

It’s almost like your favorite team winning the Superbowl (which I did not recently feel). But just imagine one of your proudest accomplishments (shoes at a bargain price) and then showing them off and reminding everyone of how thrifty you are in this economy, yet not giving up fashion for frugality.

But that is where you must do a full stop, and consider the pricing strategy of retail stores, and take a hard look at what you really need versus what your subconscious is telling you to buy.

No, I am not going to school you on pricing strategies, and the 4 P’s of marketing. Rather, some tips to tackle the big “S” word when shopping. 

  1. Take a Deep Breath. Whether it is online or walking by a store, take a deep breath before you proceed. I mean a big one that allows for a pause and some reflection time to combat that racing heartbeat that makes your brain act irrationally.
  2. Think. Seriously think about what you need in your closet before you enter the online or in person shopping forum. Whatever you have to do…tell your friend…write it down…but think about what you really need before you buy.
  3. Price. What item do you really need, and what price are you willing to pay. I don’t care if it is 99% off…if you don’t need it and won’t wear it, you are simply adding to the clutter in your closet. So, if you need a black pair of pants, and your budget is $150…give equal attention to all pairs regardless of their percentage off.
  4. Sales don’t equal love. Do you ever bring yourself in front of a sales rack with 40 pairs of some interesting looking top. Ever wonder why there are 40 of them at 50% off? Either the sales person forgot to initially stock, or there is a reason why they didn’t sell. 
  5. Banish the Brain. Ok, you need to think about what you are buying, but push the “it’s on sale” voice off your right shoulder, and seriously think about how this will fit into your current closet and needs. If you are holding on to a bright red pair of suede stilettos, be sure that they aren’t going to stare at you from a corner for the next year.

Don’t get me wrong - I love a good sale as much as anyone - but trust these 5 tips, and you and your wallet will thank me.

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