Thursday, August 29, 2013


With the start of school, I am always reminded of new clothes (I always saved my outfit for day two) and more importantly, my studies for the year. I never knew what to blame it on, but after about week 4 I had become bored with class, and wondering when the academic school year would be over. It wasn't the non-book activities that I wished flew by, but rather the grind of homework, studying and eventual finals. It was in sixth grade that I learned my first lesson of "incentives." I quickly realized that I needed an incentive to get me through those hard weeks of...well...what was really hard in sixth grade?? Regardless, I was envious of all my other friends who had their own tv in their room. Thus, my incentive for good grades was a tv in my room. 

At first, I needed a visual. A 10" x 14" box that I drew a tv face on. Laugh as you may, but that brown cardboard box taunted me every morning I woke up, and before I went to sleep. A constant reminder of that "incentive" that lay at the end of the sixth grade road.

Fast forward many years (let's not count) and I am now faced with a similar dilemma. No, not a tv...look at the pictures of my blog. Instead, the incentive became shoes. Now, if you choose to follow my blog (which I hope you do) shoes will be the centerpiece of all blogs, and there will be more than one story about using shoes as incentives. This blog..starts off with shoes as an incentive for blogging. 

I promise that this will be the longest blog without a link to my favorite pair of shoes. In the beginning, I have to lay the foundation, and then good shoe advice will follow. So, why am I starting a blog? And, why should you read it.

Sure, this blog is about shoes. But, it's more than shoes. It's about life, lust (after shoes, of course) and being able to laugh out loud. Not the LOL type..but seriously connecting to words and having that deep belly laugh. Here goes...

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