Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Perfect Shoe...

Whether you are an disney nostalgic, or a sex and the city viewer, most women (and men!) know the importance of a amazing shoe at a big event.

So, for my upcoming blog launch, I spared no time searching for the perfect shoe for the launch. I have had friends question their shoe collection, wondering if their shoes would be up to the standard for photo ops and ogling. My advice was simple - wear what you love, and don't be afraid to stand out.

With that advice in mind, I had to turn to my own shoe dilemma...what would be, "my pair?"

Oh yes, I thought about Cinderalla, and her perfect shoes - although I have yet to leave one shoe behind in any situation....

Then I recalled Carrie Bradshaw, and the perfect pink sandals that she wore to meet Big, that eventually were soiled with an unfortunate water break.

So, my search (high and low) is continuing....with only 6 days left, the search for the perfect shoe has intensified.

Here are my top five pics for the perfect shoe...tell me what you think. Which shoe should I choose?

// Sophia Webster Butterfly // 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's Almost Here....the Website Debuts in ONE WEEK

I CAN'T believe it's almost here....the new launch of my website and a whole new look to Cha Cha Living.

Over the past year, the blog has grown from a wholehearted obsession with shoes, to something broader, unearthing what I find to be as the "best" shoes/clothing/food/wine/music/makeup and anything else under the sun.

I search, scour and skim every website, magazine, blog and store to find what I consider as the best things out there. I debunk myths (best ____) and test out what the best box wine is (for when you are saving those $$ for a pair of shoes).

And the great news is, my new website and blog launch is just 7 days away!!

While the current site graphics are etsy worthy, the new graphics are amazing, and were created by the super talented Sam Burns (contact info here). We had so much fun incorporating the feel and vibe of Cha Cha Living into a logo.

Then, with the help of the amazing web development team from Salt Lake City company, WebTek Interactive (contact info here) we have created an amazing site that is streamlined, and super easy to navigate. Think better surfing, more pictures, easier links, and amazing content. These guys were amazing to work with - and my vision for the website is about to become a reality!

So....keep your eyes peeled for the October 25th launch of the new

New Fragrance I Love....Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Is there anything Tom Ford can't do? I mean, I have long loved Tom Ford's designs, particularly when he was Creative Director at YSL. There was this navy blue velvet suit during the summer of 2002...I found it on 1st Dibs....but just couldn't pull the trigger.

That leads me to his fragrance line, started in 2006. I had sort of landed on my own personal favorites over the past couple of years, and Kai had been the leading perfume in my rotation. But, one day, after waiting for my makeup purchase to complete, I ran across the most beautiful scent - and it was no surprise that it was a Tom Ford creation.

Enter Neroli Portofino, one of the private collection perfumes from Tom Ford. The perfume is like no other, with scents of citrus, floral and amber that is surprisingly clean and fresh. His inspiration was the Italian Riviera, and the clear water, cool breezes and lush foliage.

And, like most of Tom Ford's creations, it's not cheap. But, if you have ever owned anything Tom Ford, you will know there always high quality, and worth every penny.

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