Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Fragrance I Love....Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Is there anything Tom Ford can't do? I mean, I have long loved Tom Ford's designs, particularly when he was Creative Director at YSL. There was this navy blue velvet suit during the summer of 2002...I found it on 1st Dibs....but just couldn't pull the trigger.

That leads me to his fragrance line, started in 2006. I had sort of landed on my own personal favorites over the past couple of years, and Kai had been the leading perfume in my rotation. But, one day, after waiting for my makeup purchase to complete, I ran across the most beautiful scent - and it was no surprise that it was a Tom Ford creation.

Enter Neroli Portofino, one of the private collection perfumes from Tom Ford. The perfume is like no other, with scents of citrus, floral and amber that is surprisingly clean and fresh. His inspiration was the Italian Riviera, and the clear water, cool breezes and lush foliage.

And, like most of Tom Ford's creations, it's not cheap. But, if you have ever owned anything Tom Ford, you will know there always high quality, and worth every penny.

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