Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cracking the Code - a shoe addict spills the inside secrets in finding the best shoes on ebay

You know those people that show off an amazing pair of shoes, tell you they found them on sale...on ebay....for $40??

I hate them, don't you.

It's like they have a honing radar for great shoes, and great deals online. Do you ever wonder what their secret is? High bandwidth speed, making their kids scour the web?

Not so. I give you the four key ways to find the best shoes on ebay.

Take for instance these never been worn YSL heels. I recently found them on ebay using step four below!

1 - Search - The key to finding the right pair of shoes or any item on ebay is a good search term. I tend to go more specific first, and then broaden my search if I don't know what I am looking for. The more descriptive you can be (gold ysl heels satin) the closer you will get to what you are actually looking for.

And, if there is a particular brand that you love (Jimmy Choo) you can always keep it broad and just search the brand + shoes. If you don't know which brand you are looking for, keep notes of full price shoe brands online that you love, and start to follow them on ebay.

2 - Sort - The best way to narrow down the hundreds of thousands of shoes is to sort. You can sort by size, heel height, color, new or used, as well as from lowest to highest price (or vice versa).

Sorting is one of the best ways to pinpoint those shoes that are relevant to you, and speed up your search process.

3 - Follow - Did you know that you can follow searches in your ebay feed? Your ebay feed is what shows up when you first pull up the site. If you have a strong preference for Jimmy Choos and Sofia Webster, then you can make sure that your news feed is full of those shoes.

4 - Save - The ultimate ebay trick. Who has time to peruse ebay sites for amazing shoes? Well, other than shoe fanatics and bloggers, it's not really realistic to search for those special shoes every day. The save tool changes all of that.

After you click the follow link, there is an option to to save the search and send to email. That means that whatever you specially searched for (YSL, size 8 or size 8.5) you can now save that search, and receive a daily email. Email preferences can be updated at any time, just go to "my ebay" and then to "followed searches." This option is really a lifesaver and can help you find those special shoes as soon as they appear on ebay.

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