Thursday, October 9, 2014

Makeup Line I Love - Jouer

I am a sucker for top lists. best (fill in the blank) beauty fix or any new trend in makeup - it's almost like a challenge to me.

I always question...could this "best of" list really be true...or just hype about a certain product?

So, when a certain company kept popping up on the "best of" lists, I had to try it out.

Meet Jouer, a cosmetics line founded in 2004 by Christina Zilber. Jouer means "to play" in french, and everything in their collection is fun and light.

Curiosity got the best of me, and a couple of weeks ago, I bought a couple of their best sellers, particularly their aluminizing moisture tints (with SPF 20!!).

My favorite thing about this tinted moisturizer is the ease of the product. I tend to only pick 2-3 products in the morning - for me, ease and simplicity is what I prefer on a day to day basis. This product is amazing in that it gives some color, but leaves skin luminous and glowing. A little powder, blush and mascara, and I am done.

I picked two colors....a bronzed color for summer, and the blush color for fall and winter. The only problem with buying online is guessing your best color. But, it is available at your nearest Nordstroms if you want to check color in person. And guess can get 25% off now at with code (FFLOVE).

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