Sunday, September 21, 2014

Your Most Comfortable Pair of Sandals....FOUND

I am a sucker whenever I hear someone make a "best" claim about a piece of clothing, pair of shoes or beauty item.

When the statement is found in a magazine article, I tend to be more suspicious, particularly when that article is followed by an ad from the same company.

But, when that claim comes from one of your best friends, you stand at attention. 

Recently, one of my best friends told me she had found the perfect black sandal. For a shoe lover like myself, I was intrigued. Go on, I told her, tell me about these shoes. She had purchased them from Nordstrom's, and had bought them for a upcoming high school reunion. And, after wearing them all night - filled with dancing, walking and standing, she still maintained her love for these black sandals.

Naturally, I had to try them out. I went online, and bought these black Via Spiga Tafari sandals. The sandal was on sale, fit below the 4" heel high pain threshold, and was Italian made.

Once the shoe arrived, I was impressed by the leather ladder straps leading up the foot, and the slingback sandal detailed with a slender set-back heel. They were a perfect sandal to take on my upcoming work trip to Stockholm. I would test this "best sandal" claim that a trusted source told me.

 Day 1: heels made it through several miles of walking and brick tiled booby traps

 Day 2: Conference carpeting gives my soles a bit of a break

 Day 3: All day cement walking....a little tired at the end of the day, but still happy feet

Day 4: A mix of sitting and standing, but the shoes keep my black suit from boredom 

Day 5: All day events led to 12 hours on my feet. Although tired at the end of the day, these shoes lasted without major pain.

In the end, I was very impressed with these sandals. The sandals had enough opening on the toes to keep from major blisters and toe smash, while the back of the sandal had elastic to keep movement in the ankle. 

After a week of traveling and walking, these were comfortable, yet stylish. And not that I doubted my friend....but my weeklong test proved that these were, the most comfortable and stylish sandals around.

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