Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shoes OR Wine (Yes, that's OR not AND)

Picking shoes OR wine. That's right....I said OR and not AND.

WHY??? Seriously...why would I ever make someone pick between two of my favorite things in the world. Well, sometimes, you must.

I can remember one of my first jobs out of college - making little money but still having a desire for nice shoes and wine (my mom called this champagne taste on a beer budget).

So, with a tight budget, I had to early on learn how to prioritize my spending - and I was not about to give up either shoes or wine. A difficult predicament surfaced.

So you choose. Can you accept box wine for Brian Atwood's? Or Payless for Petrus Bordeaux?

To answer this question, I have enlisted two experts in wine and shoe field. In an upcoming post, I interview 2 people with equally strong loves for shoes and wine. They answer the pressing OR wine.

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