Sunday, July 20, 2014

And Your Boxed Wine Winner Is.......

So, you've decided to save money on wine in order to save up on shoes??

That means you have found yourself perusing the wine section with a crumpled $20 bill, trying to find wine within your budget.

Just your luck - I tested out the top three box wines, and sat with an expert wine critic to find THE best box wine.

I choose these three to test:

Blind tasting for Naked Grape, Bota Box and Black Box.

 And the winner is....the Naked Grape box wine.

By far, this wine was our favorite of the bunch. Light and crisp, and great for summertime, there is aromas of pear and meyer lemon.

It retails for $24, and comes in a handy 3 Liter box. The best thing about this box wine is that you can keep it in your fridge after opening, and it lasts for four weeks after opening.

So, save your money for shoes, and still enjoy a great glass of white wine this summer.

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  1. I hate to think this was inspired by the last trip to Annapolis! XOXOXO


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